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PA System

A public address system (PA system) is a sound amplification system used to allow a person or persons to address an audience at a greater volume than would be possible or practicable without such a system. At a minimum, such a system comprises a microphone, an amplifier and a loudspeaker. Examples of content include announcements and other audio material at sports stadiums, airport and rail terminals, and the sound produced by a singer, musician or musical ensemble, as well as recorded music.

A PA system in Hyderabad may include multiple microphones, Speaker and Amplifier sound sources, a mixing console to combine and modify multiple sources, and multiple amplifiers in Hyderabad and loudspeakers in Hyderabad for louder volume, greater coverage and/or wider distribution, such as that required to provide sound throughout an entertainment venue, an office building or retail space, or an outdoor environment.



The comprehensive and vast product range makes PA System the preferred option for sound reinforcement solutions in diverse applications. Uncompromising quality along with affordability ensures Ahuja PA System in Hyderabad is an insuperable proposition for a wide variety of public address applications such as:

    • Offices / Conference Rooms
    • Airports / Railway Stations / Bus Terminals
    • Places of Worship
    • Auditoria / Theatres / Studios
    • Sport Venues / Stadiums
    • Hospitals
    • Educational Institutions
    • Hotels / Restaurants / Bars / Food Joints
    • Shopping Malls / Large format retail
    • Public Gatherings / Stage Shows / Concerts
    • DJs
    • Factories / Commerical Buildings
    • Parking Lots / Petrol Pumps / Tool Plaza
    • Amusement Parks & many more

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