CCTV Camera installation services


The importance of a CCTV security system.

Your office or home is a place where you spend a lot of your day. It’s also a place where you can let your guard down. It’s no wonder that your office or home is often the target of criminals, vandals, and malicious people. Here are some tips on how you can protect your office or home.CCTV Camera installation services

What is a CCTV Camera?

CCTV is a Stand Closed Circuit Television Camera.

How many types of CCTV cameras?

Two type of CCTV Camera A) Analog HD Camera  B) Network or IP Camera

There 4 types of CCTV Camera

  1. Dome Camera is for indoor coverage, the distance of dome camera is 20mtr, it will work 90 degree
  2. Bullet Camera is for outdoor coverage, the distance of Bullet camera is 20mts,, 30 meters, 50mts, 100mtrs.
  3. C mount or Box Camera is for Closed coverage, 
  4. Speed Dome Camera or PTZ Camera, PTZ stands for Pan Tilt and Zoom, The distance of PTZ camera starts with 20 Meters to 100mts, Zoom optical starts with 10X to 100X.

Which is better CCTV Camera or IP camera?

Network or IP camera broadcasts video as a digital stream of data over an IP network to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) rather than a DVR. IP cameras offer higher resolution video and better picture quality than CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras offer lower resolution video and less picture quality than IP cameras.

How long does it take to install of cctv camera installation services and security cameras?

CCTV Camera Installation services and Configuration of the CCTV camera will take 4 hour to 1 day.

Components of CCTV Camera :- Design Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, DVR and NVR, Hard Disk for recording, Camera Power Supply, coaxial Cable , BNC and DC Connector.
Key feature of CCTV camera

4MP Resolutions    20Mtr IR Distance    3.6mmLens    AHD/CVBS Video Output

0Lux/F1.2 Min. Illumination  AutoICR/ Color/ Blackwhite, Day/Night

A well-installed CCTV camera installation services system reduces the chances of property loss and personal harm.

Protect your home or office with a cctv camera system from Skynet Security Solutions. With a cctv system from Skynet Security Solutions, you can view live video from your property on your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Skynet Security Solutions is a security company that uses the latest technology in surveillance cameras to protect homes, offices, and multiple properties. This company also offers surveillance camera installation services at affordable Cctv camera prices. Here is how they do it: Skynet Security Solutions works with the newest technology when it comes to surveillance cameras. They only use the latest hardware in their in-house CCTV camera installation services. They update their hardware in order to keep in line with the latest technology in surveillance cameras. They also use the newest software in their in-house CCTV camera installation services to protect you against hackers.

Today, many people are entrusting their homes and offices to security companies that offer advanced solutions to protect their properties and belongings. These companies employ the latest technology in the industry to ensure that their clients are able to monitor and control their properties from a distance. However, what most people don’t know is that the same technology that is used by these cctv security camera companies  can also be obtained at a lower price if you know where to look. Skynet Security Solutions is one of the companies that offers CCTV camera installation services at affordable prices. This means that you can get the latest technology at far less compared to what the competition offers.

What is CCTV Camera Price?

CCTV Camera Price range between 800 to 2200.

Which CCTV camera for home?

 10 Best CCTV Cameras for Home and Office in india 

  1. CP Plus  ‘Upar wala sab dekh raha hai” 
  2. HikVision 
  3. Dahua
  4. Secur-eye
  5. Panasonic
  6. Bosch
  7. Palco
  8. Honeywell
  9. Zicom
  10. Cisco


Color camera with HD recording

An infrared lens with range upto 20 meters

The variable frame rate smooth recording


Plastic body with the average build quality


If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to protect your home or office, we hope you’ll consider our home security systems. They’re easy to install and maintain, and they use the most advanced technology in the industry. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Skynet Security Solutions  

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1. What are the important places to install the CCtv cameras?

The Entry and Exit point are the important place to install the Cctv cameras

2. What are some of the most popular CCTV Camera brands?

Yes few CCTV Camera brands are CP-Plus, Secure-eye, Hikvision

3. What are the timings avail a services

office time is 9:30AM to 7:00Pm